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ART SPOT is a non profit organization that was created in 2008, to encourage emerging and alternative style artists. Located downtown, ART SPOT is a second “home” to many artists and art lovers. ART SPOT is a members only, artist/volunteer run alternative art space that provides all artists a chance to be seen and heard. ART SPOT is commission free and operates on donations. Please contact us to become a member! ART SPOT caters to an alternative art community, but welcomes everyone to get involved in this growing underground art scene.

ART SPOT holds monthly pARTies, showcasing the works of multiple local visual artists, as well as performance artists, djs and musicians. pARTies are intended to promote local talent, and in appreciation of all ART SPOT’s members and supporters. ART SPOT also hosts private shows for individual artists or collectives. For more information on upcoming shows, workshops, or to inquire about holding your own show, please contact us! With many future projects on the go at ART SPOT and other locations, we are always looking for more artists and volunteers.

Memberships are 25$ per year, and include many great things!

  • Coming to all of ART SPOT’s private art events for one year!
  • Access to exclusive information on participation in art events through ART SPOT, other art organizations and underground art collectives.
  • Free monthly workshops for all of our members. (sign up required)
  • Paid gigs for artists! (for facilitating workshops, performing, helping with shows and more!)
  • An artist profile on our website (after participation in 5 or more shows, or holding a solo show)
  • Most importantly, your 25$ membership is an investment in ART SPOT. All donations and membership fees go into the ART SPOT fund. This fund is not only used by ART SPOT to facilitate shows, but as it grows, we intend to make it accessible for artists to use for their own projects.

If you would like to take part in our movement, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for supporting our art community. And remember... always follow your art.

To make a donation, or to purchase a membership online, please follow the link bellow. Make sure to add your mailing address to receive your membership card.

(403) 450-0995
1040 14th ave SW
Calgary Alberta
T2R 0P1

Emma McCaul (founder, artist)

“ is life. Whether we create it, or merely enjoy it, it exists in all of us. If we let go of art, we are left in a very sad, dull world. That is why it is crucial to promote it, and above all, protect it. ART SPOT is a growing group of talented, powerful artists who are doing just that. I am proud to be a part of it.”